Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery

Not all nurses wear uniforms

A recognition that not all nurses work in the NHS or indeed wear a uniform, there are a number of roles in education , independent sector , ie- charities where nurses can still nurse. Helping to change this perception may encourage the younger generation to consider nursing as a career. 

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edited on Jan 4, 2018 by Ofrah

Elizabeth Carter Jan 4, 2018

This is a great point - how might we do that?


Allie Carr Jan 8, 2018

Absolutely agree. We have had the debate around uniform on and off for some time, though when we ask the young people in our care, they would rather that we didn't wear uniform, it's not the 'norm' and they don't want to be seen out and about with someone who is easily identifiable as a nurse!


Nicola Brownjohn Jan 8, 2018

Excellent point. So many nurse roles do not have a uniform. We need to take awareness of nursing beyond the ward level and shows nurses as individuals with immense skills.


Wendy Nicholson 11 months ago

Interesting as when we surveyed young people they told us they liked to see nurses in uniforms - they were recognisable and they thought the uniform was important even when we challenged, this prompted some school nurses to go back into uniform