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Having seen the huge number of nurses and midwives who have been recognised in the Queen’s New Year Honour’s list, we should make more of this opportunity to celebrate the important role our profession plays within our society . We should use this media opportunity to celebrate our great nursing and midwifery leaders, allowing us to connect with members of the public and improve the image of our profession, making this an attractive profession for others.

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Hilary Garratt Dec 31, 2017

Hi Jamie , like this idea and sure we can work on it. I have often thought too about this that have retired and if we should create some sort of alumni for nurses and midwives , whether this is something organisations can do locally to inspire members of their communities and more junior nurses and midwives to stay in the profession.


Jamie Waterall Dec 31, 2017

Love the alumni idea Hilary. Given the media interest in the Queen's Honours, we should think about developing press releases in time for the announcements to get some positive messages out to the press. Perhaps seeing if one main outlet like the BCC would work with us to focus in on the role of nurses and midwifes, therefore maximising the media opportunity.


Kate Pound Jan 2, 2018

Hi Jamie, this is a great suggestion. I do wonder what could be done at a local level to support the image of nursing, there are just so many fab nurses doing a fab job. Have you seen the work Nottingham do? Each year the public gets to nominate their nurse of the year via the local paper, maybe this is a way we can develop your idea nationally.


Jamie Waterall Jan 2, 2018

Great ideas Kate and I like the idea of the public voting for their nurse/midwife of the year locally, which could then go into a national finalist list and awards. What do you Hilary, would it be possible to manage something like this via the regional DN's and CNO department?


Kate Pound Jan 3, 2018

I really like this idea and could see this working much as the teacher of the year works. I'm feeling exciting that is an idea that can grow into action!

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Sue Haines 11 months ago

thank you for flagging the nurse of the year award we run at Nottingham University Hospitals Kate. Its has been one proactive approach to recognise and reward excellent nurses and midwives and raise awareness of what nurses do and promote the role of nurses. working in partnership with our local media, businesses and the public who nominate and vote. It is in its 5th year now (starting in the period post Francis report as a proactive way to engage with local community, share some of the excellence that nurses deliver). Its grown from strength to strength. Be great opportunity to consider how this may be replicated on a national scale, another means of engaging the public and sharing their stories and experiences of excellent nursing and nurses.


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Lynnette Leman 8 months ago

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