Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery

Nurses, Midwives and carers need their employer to promote healthy lifestyle choices so we can improve our own health and inspire our families, friends, communities and other global citizens.

Nurses and Midwives need to inspire their NHS employer to agree a healthy lifestyle CQUIN via their Director of Nursing or Chief Nurse.

Did you know that your NHS employer could make up to another 2.5% on their core contract value for further investment?

Healthy lifestyle could be linked to smoking cessation; healthy weight support; effective exercise; emotional & personal resilience; mental health support and having your influenza vaccine amongst many healthy living interventions.

If you want ideas from other nurses, clinicians or carers why not check out #AllOurHealth to find out some fabulous ideas for prevention, protection and promotion evidence-based articles and case studies. 

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I work as an NHS commissioner and, as a public health specialist, I have come to understand that unless we profile prevention, protection and promotion then we will simply be doing more of the same treatments. We must empower our communities to be healthier.

edited on Dec 30, 2017 by Kenny Gibson

Jamie Waterall Dec 30, 2017

Could not agree more Kenny! So how do we move towards being a profession which is viewed as being centre stage of the radical upgrade in prevention? What ideas do colleagues have for making this happen?


Lynnette Leman Jan 2, 2018

I didn't know until recently that there is a mental health first aider course you can sign up for - really useful to know - I'm trying to get on one.


Kenny Gibson Jan 2, 2018

Being a mental health first aider is such a fabulous workplace initiative for our patients, our visitors and our co-workers.


Andrew Clifton Jan 2, 2018

Yes prevention is key but it is a very complex (consider structure/agency) issue. You seem to indicate that nurses/midwives need their employers to promote healthy lifestyles - we all do including the government we need a radical lifestyle change. Shift patterns, lifestyle, public transport, family/caring responsibilities, government policy all impact on heath promotion.


Kenny Gibson Jan 2, 2018

I agree, as nurses and midwives we must be effective role models in our lifestyle choices. As employees we must demonstrate system leaders as trusted practitioner, hence my comment about offering to lead the Healthy Workplace CQUIN.


Wendy Nicholson 11 months ago

Kenny - loving this ! Crucial perhaps needs building into the curriculum for pre- reg?