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Nursing schools should offer a summer programme in nursing based on the Stanford Science, Technology and Medicine Summer Program

Yesterday I got an email from Stanford Medicine summer school for post 16 students. It's a two week, highly intensive summer programme for students interested in a clinical profession. Here's the link:  

One of the issues we have is that NHS organisations don't allow work experience in clinical settings until the age of 16 when most school students undertake work experience at the age of 15. So why couldn't schools of nursing and midwifery offer a two-week summer programme for students aged 16+ who are curious about these fantastic careers?


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Bev Matthews Dec 21, 2017

‘This is a great idea! The issue of work experience now at 15 has restricted opportunities for young people to have a wide range of careers to test so something at 16+ would be great - linking it with NCS too would be a great opportunity as it is focused on the development of their leadership skills too.

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Emily Goss Jan 5, 2018

In my area there has been a group set up called for a couple of years now called Junior Emergency Medicine. Here is their bio:

"An engaging and educational experience for prospective healthcare students looking to pursue a career in the NHS with the aim of providing experience and insight into the emergency environment.

JEM utilises the aid of Doctors, Medical Students, Student Nurses and Midwives from University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust, University of Leicester School of Medicine and De Montfort School of Nursing and Midwifery to deliver this 2 day course which is free to all those who attend.

For more information and to keep up to date with us visit:"


Lynnette Leman 8 months ago

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