Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery

Videos that can be shared on social media to truly demonstrate why nurses become nurses and why midwives become midwives

It would be great for nurses to share videos on social media about why they nurse and equally, midwives to share videos about why they chose to become a midwife and why they continue to do what they do. This would enable a range of different audiences to clearly see the benefits of being a nurse or midwife as a career for life, not just a job. It would help to bust myths about nursing and midwifery as well as enable people thinking about a career in nursing or midwifery, as well as existing nursing and midwifery staff to remain in the profession and perhaps think about another specialism or role. Videos would help to celebrate our profession and enable staff to shout out about the impact they have for people in their care.

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edited on Dec 21, 2017 by Paul Hemingway

Joan Pons Laplana Dec 21, 2017

I like this idea. Maybe we can produce some videos during Stage 2 of this project. I like this video:


Lynnette Leman Dec 21, 2017

Videos are always great at getting personal stories across :)


Zara Head Dec 21, 2017

I agree, videos are a great way of showing the diversity of our roles and the passion we have for our areas of work.


Jamie Waterall Dec 24, 2017

Great idea Paul and even better if this came as a social movement from the profession in addition to professional videos being produced. Perhaps for the next international nurses day we could run a campaign to get nurses to post their short video clips stating why this is such a great profession. This is a link to a clip I recorded with the University of Nottingham saying why I think nursing is such a great career choice.


Bev Matthews Dec 27, 2017

Thank you Paul - this is a great idea to hear from each nurse speaking from the heart on their passion for this fabulous career. as we are now in a technology based world where can we put them to increase access for young people to see them whilst they are making career choices?


Elizabeth Carter Dec 28, 2017

I really like this idea especially about not being over professionally developed so making them really authentic. perhaps some coaching in narrative in the lead up to international nurses day to really capture the personal stories.


Tony Longbone Dec 28, 2017

This is a great idea, the power of personal stories shared through videos would be wonderful. Imagery is a potent way of getting a message across and through the use of video we would be able to share our personal journeys.


Lucy Wood Dec 28, 2017

The midwives had a high profile this Chris stmas with a pampers ad on TV. I wonder if we could do similar with nursing? ( but without the Pampers). The army also do great promotional ads on TV, billboards


Kate Pound Dec 28, 2017

Thanks, I really like your idea. Sheffield Hallam University has been doing some great work producing films.


Jamie Waterall Dec 29, 2017

This is a great video Kate! I have just share via twitter


Tony Longbone Dec 29, 2017

Straight forward and to the point, great video Kate thank you for sharing. Jamie and I like your idea around #IND2018 and encouraging nurses to share their story. Reconnect the passion and share the joys with the wider world.


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Tony Longbone Jan 2, 2018

I've been thinking on this idea a little more and expanding on the idea around #IND2018, do you think we could have a wider impact on this piece of work if we were to share these videos during the different annual awareness campaigns allowing us to raise awareness in a wide variety of specialties throughout the year. I also feel taking this approach would allow us to show the real diversity that is open to you when taking up a career in nursing and giving people a snapshot of what nursing means to us.


Jamie Waterall Jan 2, 2018

The idea of having multiple engagement opportunities is a good one Tony!


Kate Pound Jan 2, 2018

Great to see how this idea is building/developing. I've also been thinking, I wonder if we can get someone to do a YouTube nursing blog?


Paul Hemingway Jan 2, 2018

yes I think this would be a good idea and sonething to test moving forward.


Danielle Gillett Jan 3, 2018

I love this idea, video stories are a great way of sharing experiences, reasons and passion.


Kate Pound Jan 8, 2018

Just found this link on the 20 most inspiring nursing photos, they tell such a 'real' story. pictures can tell 1000 stories, what's your photo?


Wendy Nicholson 11 months ago

Great idea - perhaps could be linked to the post I put up about plotting our journey