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Meaningful Data

What if managers were to translate all the data that is now being gathered through the auditing process and translate it into a meaningful format for staff. Then the manager could present this data at staff meetings and allow the team to select an area to focus on and create the piece of work which will improve on the data set.

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Caroline Howes Dec 20, 2017

Hi Tony, some interesting thoughts there, how do we help staff to take ownership of data and see this as part of their everyday work rather than the focus being on the manager translating data and feeding back to staff?


Tony Longbone Dec 29, 2017

Hi Caroline, I think it would only need something simple that can be used on a regular basis to translate the data. I have seen RAG reporting on data used on an acute mental health ward and it supported staff in understanding where they can make an impact on improvement and also show other areas that may need to be addressed by the manager of the team. This allowed the team to work together on improvement due to different scaling of work on nursing/clinician basis.


Jamie Waterall Dec 29, 2017

I would have to agree with this post working in public health as data is such a powerful thing and allow us to better understand the impact of our actions and improve safety and outcomes. Nursing has not traditionally scrutinised data on the same level of other professions, so I think that we need to consider this in more detail. This could be transformational for our profession and assist with why most people came into the profession to help others and be a good nurse!


Joan Pons Laplana Jan 9, 2018

Nowadays Nurses need data to make sure that all changes we are ask to do are actually improvements. We are constantly been ask to change and work more effectively but during our University studies data and QI is not touched. Data will help us to coonect with the why.


Mark Davies Jan 17, 2018

Data is powerful as its used in our everyday lives and it becomes useful when planning our future services across out health landscape and we should all play that part and take some ownership in making sure its real data in real time and shouldn't be a need for repeating our information under our Nhs..


Wendy Nicholson 11 months ago

Hi really interested in the posts and the importance of data and evidence; we have been doing a lot on this with school nurses and health visitors, we have developed a really simple impact assessment toolkit and we are also collecting case studies with a robust review process to support - perhaps I should post the details?


Lynnette Leman 9 months ago

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Lynnette Leman 8 months ago

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