Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery

We all know a teacher

I think it would be great fro everyone who knows a teacher to have a chat with them about how they perceive nursing and how they would encourage young people to enter the profession.  They could be a great source of knowledge and ideas.

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Zoe Lord Jan 4, 2018

This is a great idea Elizabeth. Maybe we could provide them with some ways in which they could promote nursing to best effect - what do you think?


Elizabeth Carter Jan 17, 2018

I agree Zoe - my niece is a teacher and her knowledge and understanding of the range and scope of careers in nursing is lacking - so I helped up her knowledge!


Emily Goss Jan 5, 2018

I like this. When I was at school nursing was not even discussed by my careers officer but it was such an obvious career choice for me. So, I'm glad I eventually found nursing. Looking back I could have quite easily chosen another path and I would never know the joys of nursing!


Laura Anisha Habib - Innovation Champion Jan 5, 2018

This made me smile as my lovely sister in law was a teacher and we discussed mental health many a time. It's amazing what teachers recognise about their pupils, such as changes in behaviours and routine can mean many different things. Working with teachers I feel can provide better support for their students as they can become better equipt (not that they aren't already) to manage and work with their students on their mental health by having the right recourses or knowing how to access them and how to support them most effectively (I've gone on a little tangent there I know).

Coming back to your post Elizabeth, it's fab and I must say I agree. Teachers are a great source of knowledge and working with them as you've mentioned is a good way to gain insight into how to better connect with young people and encourage a career in nursing : )

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