Perceptions of Nursing and Midwifery

If you’re anything like us, you’re passionate about nursing and midwifery and spreading the word about the fantastic, diverse and committed people that make up our community. Here’s your chance to do just that!

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 What are we doing here?

Commissioned by Professor Jane Cummings Chief Nursing Officer for England, in 2018 we’ll be looking to implement and deliver game-changing ideas to support the future of nursing and midwifery. You can be involved in this by helping us find those ideas and the best approach for next year’s campaigns to promote our wonderful profession.

To add your voice in this vital discussion, get involved in the topics on this platform and let us know your opinions.

The role of the Nursing and Midwifery Ambassador is to:

Act as a local champion for nursing and midwifery, representing our professions in a positive light and by doing so, building awareness and positive perceptions

Create a bridge between activities to promote nursing and midwifery locally and the nationwide campaign

  • Speak for local organisations and the nurses and/or midwives in them within the national campaign
  • Bring back the ideas and calls to action from the national campaign and customise, remix and reshape them so they will work in a local context

Lead the local version of the campaign and get people engaged, taking action and building positive perceptions